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father-and-sonI had a dream the other night, haven’t you heard, 

     it’s a story about destiny, that’s my word

 In this story, children are well fed, their parents hardworking,

     their journey’s fulfilled, their peace undisturbed,

     love is abundant, that’s my word

Like doctors we pledge to do no harm and in addition,

     sound an alarm to those that aim to strip our voices and crush

     our humanity, we move with intensity to disarm

My dream does allow for free speech, different perspectives and

     multiple motivators, but the goal must be positive, the aim

      forward  thinking, the results tangible and all negativity held at bay

     and manageable

Words can sometimes be just that, but my dream involves other

     dreamers with ideas and skill sets of their own, thoughts

     that when intertwined with action, create a force that’s unstoppable

     and infallible

What I need now is more recruits, more resources and most of all

     more dedicated souls to ensure that our young nation can

 finally stop having their dreams deferred, that’s my word!

     – Warren Jay Lowe



Lowe_Warren2A native of Lackawanna, N.Y., outside of Buffalo, Lowe is a former public school teacher who was forced into retirement due to injuries sustained on the job during a student’s blindside attack. Now a freelance writer, he’s battling life-threatening heart failure while waiting for a transplant. Those who wish to assist – either monetarily or with encouraging words – may visit his page on Help HOPE Live. He can be reached at

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