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THE LOWE DOWN: Warning Signs

downlowewarningsignsBy WARREN LOWE

In light of the many violent confrontations between inner city police (primarily white) and young black males, much discussion has arisen as to whether or not warning signs existed that collisions would occur.

Many Americans see this is a valid question; however, those who were able to view this country from a ONE NATION, ONE RACE (HUMAN) UNDER GOD perspective, saw the warning signs many years ago.

For many years, children of our inner cities have had to weather the storm of peer violence/death in record numbers but America ignored their cries. Oftentimes the suspects and even the victims were looked upon as animals.

Their communities requested counseling, self-help centers, improved educational and developmental facilities but received NEW PRISONS INSTEAD! This attitude oftentimes prevails as long as the carnage remains in the city and let’s assume that these “cities” are occupied by African Americans.

In searching for optimism amidst the tragedies from young Mr. Till through Mr. King, Mr. Martin and Mr. Brown (to name a few) we must take certain steps to ensure that this merry-go round stops spinning out of control.

We must FIRST, spend more time getting reacquainted with our children, SECONDLY, we must realize that our society can only thrive when all of its citizens thrive. With that comes the understanding that suffering of one’s neighbor becomes the suffering of the neighborhood, if ignored.

It is time that we begin to check our problems at the door, regardless of whose community they first arise in. The youth of today are in a crisis and rightfully so. They have been left to fend for themselves and during that time, many evils stepped in to babysit.

Our children must feel secure and know they’ll be heard. When this is done, we can attack the root of the problem which is pain, loneliness, lack of self-esteem and failure to fit in, to name a few.

Our children are reaching out to gain a sense of belonging and whether it’s the “Bloods”, “Crips” or “Trenchcoat Mafia”, the result is the same. SAME ROOT, SAME TREE, SAME FRUIT!

In this case, the fruit is senseless violence.


Lowe_Warren2A native of Lackawanna, N.Y., outside of Buffalo, Lowe is a former public school teacher who was forced into retirement due to injuries sustained on the job during a student’s blindside attack. Now a freelance writer, he’s battling life-threatening heart failure while waiting for a transplant. Those who wish to assist – either monetarily or with encouraging words – may visit his page on Help HOPE Live. He can be reached at

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