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Trade for Smith is Washington being Washington; how’s that working?



Washington’s NFL franchise doesn’t do simple. It doesn’t do clever or competent, either.

No, pro football in the nation’s capital is a ham-handed operation, one series of shaky decisions followed by another. It’s a sequence of questionable rationalizations and a string of baffling moves.

Sound judgment and stability? Insightfulness and foresight? Hah! Those are foreign concepts in Ashburn, treated like enemies of the state. The franchise’s operation manual apparently can be summed up thusly: “Determine how New England, Pittsburgh or Green Bay would proceed, and then do the exact opposite.”

We figured Kirk Cousins had played his last game in burgundy and gold after two years of painful irresolution. Adore him or abhor him, he likely was heading elsewhere next season, freeing us from the daily, mind-numbing debate on his worthiness to receive a market-value contract.

Of course, smart organizations don’t position themselves to lose a homegrown, highly productive quarterback entering his prime. For that matter, neither do clueless organizations. Washington’s ineptitude in reaching this stage is a well-documented precedent, the NFL’s first instance of back-to-back franchise tags slapped on a quarterback.

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