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DeflateGate, RG3, Erin Andrews, Peyton and more on ‘TIDU List’

AP_6176392901_s878x585By DERON SNYDER

Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” – Things I Don’t Understand:

*Why Roger Goodell can’t admit he’s wrong.

The NFL’s relentless pursuit of lies, injustice and the Soviet way continued last week as “DeflateGate” returned to public view in an appeal hearing. Scientists have shredded the NFL’s argument on air pressure in footballs, but commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t appreciate an earlier ruling in which Tom Brady’s suspension was overturned. The commish wants the ability to levy punishment, even when his case makes no sense.

If he’s smart (hold the wisecracks), Goodell will waive the suspension regardless.

*How the Nats could any be looser under Dusty Baker.

Anyone who spent time around Washington’s new manager in his previous stints with the Giants, Cubs and Reds isn’t surprised that Baker is rubbing off quickly. Say what you will about his use of pitchers and acceptance of analytics, but there’s no denying he excels at the human aspect of managing. Running a clubhouse is worth more in the long run than running a game.

After two years under Matt Williams, the Nats have a laxative in Baker.

*Why Ben Simmons’ GPA is a matter of concern.

The do-everything freshman is on campus for one reason and one reason only: The NBA forbids direct entry from high school. LSU’s primary concern is keeping him eligible, with a hope that he doesn’t damage the team’s Academic Progress Rate. The Wooden Award has a right to consider GPA, but it’s not truly a player of the year competition if Simmons is ineligible.

Just another example of hypocrisy run amok in college sports.

*How Robert Griffin III is guaranteed to fail elsewhere.

There is no shortage of suitors for RG3, coming off nearly two seasons of rest and recovery from a dislocated ankle and torn knee ligaments. Teams are so determined to find solutions under center, Griffin might have another two or three stops before he’s done. Many observers are doubtful that he’ll pan out a long-term starter; others are convinced that he won’t.

I wouldn’t bet on him, but I wouldn’t bet against him, either.

*Why anyone thinks we know Peyton Manning.

Despite former tennis star Andre Agassi’s claim in a popular ad campaign for Canon, image is not everything. But it’s pretty darn close, especially when it comes to celebrities and their public perception. Manning’s took a few hits on his way out the door, but allegations of HGH use and a 20-year-old sexual assault allegation can’t erase the picture he already painted.

As with other pristine stars, we ‘re not certain if it’s genuine or counterfeit.

*How Erin Andrews’ post-ordeal career matters.

Michael David Barrett is a first-class anus for secretly recording a nude Andrews and posting the videos to the Internet. There’s no doubt that the sportscaster was traumatized, evident in tearful testimony during her lawsuit against two hotel companies. The defense argued that she appeared on “Dancing With the Stars” and landed several commercials after the incident. So what?

Her professional life didn’t suffer but surely she did.

*Why Washington and Kirk Cousins can’t work out a deal.

Quarterback is the most important position in sports and it pays as such. NFL teams are desperate to find a capable signalcallers via retread, the draft or free agency, and Cousins picked the best time for a breakout. Washington essentially locked him up for next season but needs to open its checkbook and pay the man.

Money is no object after wasting traded draft picks on Donovan McNabb and RG3.

*How the Lakers routed the Warriors.

Steph Curry & Co. actually are human. That’s the only explanation for Sunday’s jaw-dropping upset – the biggest differential in winning percentage (.190 vs. .917) in NBA history. The best team at making three-pointers missed 26 of its 30 attempts. “I would say 24 of them were good shots that just missed,” Curry told reporters. “It happens.”

I bet an early game Sunday following a Saturday night off in L.A. didn’t help.

*Why Georgetown should fire John Thompson III.

It’s disingenuous to suggest JT3’s surname is unrelated to the temperature under his seat. The backside of a “John Johnson” would be toastier with a 3-5 NCAA tournament record since 2007. But Thompson’s body of work, clean program and legendary father buy time after Georgetown posted its most losses since 1972 and misses the tourney for the second time in three seasons.

Bloodlines notwithstanding, the clock is ticking if there’s no turnaround in 2017.

*How the Terps’ regular season is a disappointment.

Three men’s hoops teams in the Top 10 have four losses. Two have five losses, four have six losses and one has seven losses. It’s been that kind of season in college basketball and Maryland has no reason to be ashamed with a 24-7 record. Granted, the Terps are trending in the wrong direction by losing four of their last six as tourney time arrives.

But that’s nothing a Sweet 16-run can’t cure.

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