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THE LOWE DOWN: The Queen and The Oddball

siblings-playing-in-the-snowHere’s the story of the queen and the oddball and his name is not Brady.

He was, however, raising multiple children of his own. Yet his kindness made him the first say, “Kids let’s go out and play and enjoy the winter snow.”

He was tied to a queen and she was used to big, warm fireplaces, the smell of spices from the racks in the oven of her stove. Her servants spoiled her, which only made her appreciate life less.

While the oddball made sleds in the shed, the queen sat in her palace, sipped wine from her chalice, with thoughts of only herself and ways to inflate her wealth.

If only she realized that thinking of ways to make others smile, like watching the kids grow stronger and watching her servants sleep longer would bring more richness and wealth than her eyes could ever see. And why oddballs are indefinitely free because Earth was already hers!

 – Warren Jay Lowe



Lowe_Warren2A native of Lackawanna, N.Y., outside of Buffalo, Lowe is a former public school teacher who was forced into retirement due to injuries sustained on the job during a student’s blindside attack. Now a freelance writer, he’s battling life-threatening heart failure while waiting for a transplant. Those who wish to assist – either monetarily or with encouraging words – may visit his page on Help HOPE Live. He can be reached at


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