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‘LinSanity’ Strikes In New York


Jeremy Lin isn’t your average NBA point guard. He played his college basketball at Harvard.

But what makes Lin even rarer is his descent (he self-identifies as Chinese/Taiwanese) and his height (6-foot-3). The California native is the first Asian-American to reach the NBA since 1947 and the first Asian player to make a splash at less than 7-feet tall.

Sent to the minor leagues two weeks ago, Lin was recalled five days later and burst on the scene during the New York Knicks last two games, with 53 points and 15 assists in back-to-back wins, causing an outbreak of “LinSanity.”

“I’m going to ride him like Secretariat,” embattled Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni told reporters after Lin scored 28 points as the Knicks defeated Utah on Monday night. “He has an attacking mentality,” D’Antoni said. “He can get in the paint and he is a point guard. You can’t explain the game all of the time and he doesn’t need you explaining it. He knows the game.”

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  • thanks for the link to my blog, Deron! Good post.

  • You’re welcome. Good post on your end, too!

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